Create awareness on SGBV, Government told


The Kenyan government has been called upon to create awareness about various Sexual and Gender Based Violations {SGBV} in order to address the injustices caused by the vice. While testifying as an expert in the High Court petition filed by victims of SGBV committed during the 2007 post election violence, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights {KNCHR} secretary Patricia Nyaundi said rape issues are not reported because of societal stigma and poor police response in taking up the cases reported.
Nyaundi told the court, presided by Justice Isaac Lenaola, that the state is obligated to make legislative, administrative and other arrangements so that citizens enjoy their rights without fear.

“To date, the Kenyan government has not acknowledged that sexual gender based violence occurred during the 2007 post election violence. There would be a deliberate effort from the state to address SGBV issues in the context they occur.”

“Petition was filed in 2013 and the reliefs sought haven’t been addressed to date, it’s safe to say that there is a failure by the government,” she said.

Nyaundi warned that the state would have failed in its responsibility if it does not enact laws to protect its citizens calling on the state to have machinery in place to ensure citizen’s rights are not infringed.

“The Bill of Rights constitutes an agreement with the State and the citizens. The petitioners want to know the content of these rights. It is not fair for the state to ask what more would have been done,” she said.

The petition was filed in February 2013 on behalf of eight survivors of SGBV and four NGOs. The petition was filed against multiple government departments for their failure to prevent, investigate and prosecute crimes during the PEV, for failure to provide emergency and ongoing medical services and for failure to provide restitution.

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