Police officer rapes woman for 5 hours, woman returns home only to find 3-month old baby dead

(report from The Star) http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/police-officer-rapes-woman-5-hours-woman-returns-home-only-find-3-month-old-baby-dead#sthash.pPXqRF6R.dpuf

A mother of three was on Tuesday morning allegedly raped by an officer at his police line home after she went for help over an assault case.

The 28 year old woman, whose name has been withheld, went to Kikuyu police station to fill a P3 form over an assault by a neighbour last month in Kwa Njamba village, Gitaru, leaving her three-month-old baby at home.

She said the officer, claiming to be handling an emergency, asked her to wait until 2pm yet she arrived at the station at 9am.

At 2pm, he reportedly instructed her to follow him to his house “where he claimed to have kept P3 forms.”

The woman said the officer locked her inside his house until 1am when he returned and allegedly raped her several times.

“He undressed me, raped me thrice and threatened that if I argued with him or exposed him I would know he is a police officer,” she said.

She said she left his house at 6am on Wednesday and went to check on her children but found her baby dead.

“I was shocked to find neighbours around my house, only to find my baby dead,” she said.

The circumstances under which the baby died are unclear.

The woman reported the death and the rape at the station but said the rape case was not booked.

“The OCS kicked me out of his office and locked himself inside with the officer,” she said

She said she also does not understand why the OCS directed the officer to take her baby’s body to St Teresa Hospital mortuary in Kikuyu using a private car.

The single mother who is demanding justice has appealed to IGP David Kimaiyo to intervene. She said she had not met the officer before the incident.

Kikuyu OCPD Mutune Maweu said he had “no idea” about the matter.

“I overheard it but it has not officially been brought to my attention. I will get back to you,” he told the Star on Thursday.

A senior police officer at the IG’s office who sought anonymity told the Star on Wednesday that the matter is “disgusting”.

“Kindly let the world know what that lady underwent at a police station,” the source said.

– See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/police-officer-rapes-woman-5-hours-woman-returns-home-only-find-3-month-old-baby-dead#sthash.pPXqRF6R.dpuf


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