Update on the Progress of the Case

Next week, eight victims petitioners and their civil society organization (CSO) partners will continue their fight to hold the Kenyan government accountable for the failure to prevent, protect and properly investigate sexual and gender based violence from the 2007-2008 post election violence.

After more than four years, the victim petitioners are finally nearing the completion of the presentation of their case. Since the case was filed in February 2013, the victim petitioners and CSO partners called on four expert witnesses and all eight petitioners to testify about the post-election violence. Patricia Nyaundi, the Secretary of the Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights, testified about the Waki Commission Report and its investigation of post-election violence sexual offences. The eight victim petitioners recalled their stories of brutal crimes committed against them and the struggles to survive the violence. In the last hearing, three experts from the Kenyatta National Hospital testified on how they assisted the survivors of post-election violence and were overwhelmed with a large number of survivors needing immediate as well as long-term assistance.

The Court will hold three days of hearings next week. Expert witnesses will speak on a variety of topics including: states’ due diligence obligation to protect, prevent, investigate, and punish violence against women; and how to effectively investigate sexual and gender based crimes from an international law perspective. Further, a witness will explain why the petitioners pursued the case and the Waki Commission to investigate sexual and gender based crimes and recommendations to implement legislations, programs and structural changes to prevent violence against women.

After the May hearing, the petitioners will be close to finalizing their own presentation of evidence, with only one expert witness remaining to testify.

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