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Kenya has no reparations policy, but constitution does provide such a right, says witness

An expert witness told Kenya’s High Court the failure of a sexual violence victim to report what happened to them does not invalidate their right to reparations.

Betty Murungi testified on Friday during the hearing of a petition filed by survivors of sexual and gender-based violence that occurred when bloodshed erupted after the December 2007 presidential poll.

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The Petitioners are presenting their final witness, Betty Murungi, on 2 September

The Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Case which was filed by victims of Post Election Violence will be coming up for hearing tomorrow 2nd of September, 2016 at 10:30a.m at the high court of Kenya (3rdFloor court room 1)

The case which was filed by 8 victim petitioners and 4 organizations (COVAW, Physicians for Human Rights, ICJ KENYA and IMLU) seeks to hold the Government of Kenya liable for failing to prevent and protect its citizens from Post Election Violence and further to that failing to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of the violence.

The petitioners will present their final witness, Betty Murungi, an expert on Transitional Justice and former Vice Chairperson and Commissioner to the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission of Kenya, who will testify on the state’s obligations to provide reparations for crimes under international criminal law. She will focus on reparations for victims of Sexual and Gender Based Violence Crimes and will give recommendations on best strategies to be considered when awarding reparations for sexual violence victims in Kenya. Betty has been a part of transitional justice processes in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and many other countries in the continent and will give expert opinion on what methods have worked best in the various contexts.

If the Respondents, do not present any witnesses in support of their defence, tomorrow’s hearing will be the last of this landmark case. We would therefore like to invite you all to join us tomorrow in solidarity with the victim petitioners and other survivors of sexual crimes during post election violence.

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