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Sexual violence victims call for peaceful elections

Victims of sexual violence in the 2007/08 post-election chaos on Monday called on the government to publish and disseminate a clear code of conduct that will guide any security operations and deployments during the election period to address cases of sexual violence.

Grace Agenda’s Head Jacqueline Mutere said the government should identify potential hotspots, provide additional safeguards including ample security, lighting and hotline numbers as well as access to emergency medical care and treatment.

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Declare sexual violence a national disaster, survivors tell government

Survivors of sexual violence in Kenya want the government to declare the vice a national disaster.

Speaking during a press conference held at the Kenya Comfort Hotel in Nairobi, the survivors said sexual violence has become the single most cruel and steadily growing crime in Kenya.

Its magnitude, they argued, is large with its socio-economic consequences threatening to tear families and communities apart.

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  1. We stand together as survivors of sexual violence in Kenya, having gone through violence in peace and in conflict times. Majority of us have suffered various forms of sexual violence that include rape; gang rapes; forcible circumcision of men; genital mutilation; sexual slavery and enslavement, sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence.
  2. Today, we dare to speak as survivors. For far too long survivors have been on the menu –being a subject of discussion at the table without them being accorded an opportunity to articulate their own issues. Civil Society Organisations have spoken on our behalf for far too long. However, today, we are saying that there is no better person who can speak for the survivor than the survivor himself or herself. There is a depth and integrity to the story when an empowered survivor narrates it. By so doing it can encourage other survivors out there to come out and speak, to prevent, support other survivors and communities realize the gravity of sexual violence.

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