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Kenyan Victims Sue Authorities Over Electoral Crimes

Kenyan Victims Sue Authorities Over Electoral Crimes

Last week, the High Court in Nairobi heard evidence from the first witness to testify in a civil case brought against various Kenyan state institutions in relation to the violence that hit the country six years ago.

Eight individuals – six women and two men – have accused the authorities of failing to protect civilians and of failing to prosecute the perpetrators of sexual attacks during the unrest. The complaint is against Kenya’s attorney-general, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the police force and its oversight mechanism, and the public health authorities….

J.J. Wangui writes on the SGBV case

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Survivors of Sexual Violence in Kenya Break their Silence

Survivors of Sexual Violence in Kenya Break their Silence

Kenyans are currently awaiting a decision by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on whether or not the trial in The Hague against President Uhuru Kenyatta will proceed. The Kenyatta case has garnered significant attention because the defendant is a sitting head of state. However, the case is also noteworthy because it represents the only major effort to investigate and initiate prosecution of sexual violence committed against women, men, and children during Kenya’s 2007–2008 post-election violence (PEV).

Christine Alai of Physicians for Human Rights writes on the SGBV case