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New evidence emerges of mass rape during post-election violence in Kenya

A study by Physicians for Human Rights published today (August 29) in the peer-reviewed online publication PLOS One has found that the pattern of sexual assault perpetrated during the period following the contested 2007 presidential elections in Kenya is consistent with the patterns of mass rape documented in conflict settings elsewhere. The study provides indisputable evidence to support the claims being advanced in legal processes under way in Kenya and at the International Criminal Court: that crimes against humanity of mass rape did take place during that time.

Read article by PHR’s Karen Naimer


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Waki report adopted in sexual violence suit

Waki report adopted in sexual violence suit

A judge on Thursday allowed the Waki report to be part of evidence tabled by survivors who suffered sexual assault during the 2007 post-election violence via Daily Nation

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Hearing of PEV Sexual Violence case begins in Court

Hearing of PEV Sexual Violence case begins in Court

Almost six years after the 2007/2008 Post – Election Violence a case filed on behalf of victims of sexual and gender based violence arising from the violence was heard in court on 25th, March 2014.

The case was heard by Justice Isaac Lenaola in the High Court of Kenya at Nairobi.


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Poll Violence Victims Sue Government

Poll Violence Victims Sue Government

Some 900 victims may have faced sexual attacks during Kenya’s post-election violence in 2007. The perpetrators were never brought to justice. Some victims are now taking the government to court…

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